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Industrial Oven

Naman Enterprises
Diesel Fired Oven

Outer & Inner body is made of thick Mild Steel the oven has a robust construction.
» DOOR :
Double Door, double walled door with a safety adjustable ball screw & handles. A specially designed asbestos gasket provides complete sealing of the door.
Glass/Mineral wool in all side and top and part of the bottom.
An Electric Heaters/Diesel oil/Gas imported/Indigenous burner provides the heat source. The air is heated by means of a large capacity stainless steel heat exchanger. [Electric Model without Heat Exchanger ] The hot air is distributed evenly into the Oven by a bowler fan, which provides uniform baking at all levels of the rack...
A digital indicating controller maintains temperature in the Oven. A safety Dual Circuit is provided by thermostat to cut off in the event of chamber temperature rising above set temperature, thus saving the heating element & material from burning off.
Naman Enterprises
Electric Oven

The oven can maintain temperature up to 200 C.
Oven is given a hammer tone paint finish.
Trolley[Optional] made from MS angle for adjust the Tray or Rods along with Rail.

A wide range of sizes is available with a combination of different operating temperatures to suit the diversified requirements of the industry.