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Electrochemical Etching is used for direct part marking of electrical conductive material surfaces, what we need for etching is a controller and some consumable material like Electrolyte, felt and stencils. During the etching process the basic material surface is rapidly forced to oxidation and that makes it possible to penetrate the material surface. The meaning oxidation originates from chemistry and means that an agent is combining with hydrogen i.e. a chemical reaction is released and hydrogen is delivered Electrolytes are preparations made by different salts. Another description is the Electrolytic marking process is based on material remove (erosion)or on an oxidation attack to the basic material.
The Advantages
  • Most economic and reasonable direct part marking system.
  • No deformation stress, material cracking, structure alterations or thermal impairments on work piece surfaces are known.
  • The marking is completely edgeless (applied on precision gauges also).
  • The marking itself is permanent, sea-water resistant, acid-resistant and resistant on abrasion.
About pH
The pH value of an Electrolyte has a major influence on the quality and on the sensitivity with regard to the corrosion is much higher. The oxidisation (rust) can only be stopped by applying the neutrality carefully after the marking. Especially for marking on steels with a high content of carbon, we recommended to only use electrolytes with a neutral ph

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